Monday Musings #1

It’s Monday, and normally I loathe the thought of Mondays. Back to work, no time to read… You can see where it could be a bibliophile’s nightmare. After finishing Dark Places by Gillian Flynn on Sunday morning, I started in on a new series by Elizabeth Hunter: Elemental Mysteries.  The first book is entitled A Hidden Fire and features a college senior working in a university library in Texas. Of course, there has to be a mysterious Italian patron (Dr. Vecchio) who only visits the library at night, can translate ancient Tibetan manuscripts with ease… Yep, you guessed it: vampire.

I almost groaned when I realized it was another vampire novel- but held my disbelief in check and found myself to be pleasantly enthralled (Get it? Vampire? Enthralled?).  The main female character, Beatrice (aka “B”) isn’t a sappy “I’m so virginal I can’t do anything for myself” or overly dominant “I was military trained and will kick your butt three ways to Sunday before you blink” kind of girl.  She is smart, she is, I hate to say, sweet, but not weak.

B’s father was a Dante scholar (this is the 2nd series in a week I’ve read that has Dante scholars as main characters or plot drivers), but died under mysterious circumstances in Italy. Ah ha. Yes, you are making the connection.  No, it wasn’t our dear Dr. Vecchio, who is chauffeured by his dear friend Caspar (daylight assistant), but another vampire.

So things are moving forward: we have our villain (I won’t tell you who, I don’t want to spoil it for you)… we have B moving into Dr. Vecchio’s house, we have Tibetan vampires who can fly and Italian vampires who can manipulate static electricity to start fires, a thousand year old Welsh priest with a penchant for Aloha shirts… Needless to say, I’m halfway through and looking to see where this will go.

I think I tend to look more favorably on novels that have characters with a sense of humor.  If all of the characters are caught up in doom and gloom or their dark pasts, I tend to get bored very quickly.

My Monday poll question for you is: What is your favorite genre of literature?



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3 Responses to Monday Musings #1

  1. Ethan says:

    I had to go with “other.” None of those genres are really my thing, but then I am a pretentious literary nerd, so I do things like read “Anna Karenina” for the fun of it. So I guess that’s my genre: pretentious literature.

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