What I’m reading this weekend: The Dirty Streets of Heaven by Tad Williams

Tad Williams

The Dirty Streets of Heaven

The Dirty Streets of Heaven by Tad Williams

is a rather interesting and versatile author, at least in my view. He’s written engrossing high fantasy (To Green Angel Tower, The Dragonbone Chair, The Shadowmarch Series, Tailchaser’s Song) and deep science fiction (Otherland Series) which has actually been made into an online multiplayer game. The latest novel from this master is The Dirty Streets of Heaven: The first book in the Bobby Dollar series.

Bobby Dollar is actually an angel in disguise. His real name is The Angel Doloriel and he’s an Advocate. When someone dies, Bobby (or another Advocate) is sent to the scene of the death to fight for the soul against the Agent of the Opposition in what could be comparable to settlement deals before going before a judge.

But not to reclassify this as Law & Order: Angel Unit, Bobby Dollar is no “angel” at least in the typical sense. He’s a hard drinking, foul-talking, one-night-standing smartass. Bobby has been tasked with overseeing the training of the “new guy” affectionately nicknamed “Clarence” (for the angel in It’s a Wonderful Life). After receiving that bit of good news, Bobby is sent out on a call to fight for a soul, only to find that the soul has disappeared. And then the Opposition’s agent dies. Bobby quickly figures that something isn’t right and starts investigating.

Curious to find out more? So am I. I’ll let you know next week what my final thoughts are. Happy Friday!


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