Guidelines for #OutlanderCountdown July 10 1-3 pm Pacific, 2-4 pm Mountain, 3-5 pm Central, 4-6 pm Eastern, 9-11 pm BST, 10 pm – 12 am CEST July 11 6-8 am AEST, 8-10 am NZST

Please be sure to Tweet along with us!!

Outlander Ambassadors

We have two goals this time:

To spark interest in people who are not yet aware of Outlander, causing them to seek more information and subscribe to Starz/Showcase/SoHo.

To continue to stress to networks in Outlander-orphan countries that fans will watch and support the show.

Basic trending guidelines:

Tweets from “locked” accounts (tweets are protected or private) will not count in the effort. Go to your Twitter settings, then the privacy option and uncheck the “Protect my tweets” box before the event. You can go back afterward and check the box again.

Only tweets from accounts with more than 10 followers will count toward the trend. If your need more followers, send a tweet to @Reader_DG at least 24 hours in advance and we’ll help you get that many followers.

The hash-tag is #OutlanderCountdown. Use this in all of your tweets during the event and only ONCE in each tweet…

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NYC born and raised. Bibliophile and ailurophile. Aspiring writer and singer of karaoke masterpieces. Humongous fan of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series. 2013 Reading Challenge Jeannie has read 77 books toward her goal of 100 books. hide 77 of 100 (77%) view books
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