Tweeting for Outlander Good (and Swag) – It’s what we do

#UKTVNeedsOutlander! Sad that the country where it’s filmed hasn’t picked it up for distribution yet!!

Outlander Ambassadors

I’m sure many of us had the same reaction when the news broke earlier this week that Lightbox in New Zealand and HBO in The Netherlands had secured the rights to air Outlander and that fans in those countries will be able to watch by the end of August – absolute joy, maybe a few happy tears followed by complete devastation on behalf of the fans in the UK.

Outlandish UK has set a Twitter event for August 6 from 8-10 pm UTC+1, which is noon – 2 pm in the Pacific Time Zone, 1-3 pm in Mountain, 2-4 pm in Central, 3-5 pm in Eastern, 9-11 pm in CEST, 5-7 am on August 7 in AEST, and 7-9 am in NZST.  They have asked us to tweet #UKTVNeedsOutlander to a list of networks, which will be published with suggested tweets by Monday, August 4 at 8 pm Pacific Time.

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