Terry’s designs are stunning. Regardless of perfectly perfect historical accuracy, I find them beautiful & representative of the time periods. They are inspiring & I can just bet that I will not be the only one knitting Mrs. Fitz’s Knit Bits this fall. If the worst someone can say about your designs is that they don’t take enough time to put on onscreen, then you win. Terry Dresbach definitely wins in my book.

Terry Dresbach

I just checked the blog to find a post by Helena Jensen taking me to task about what kind of research I do, and how long it takes us to lace a corset on Outlander.

Hers was one of many posts of a similar nature. Apparently there quite a few blogs and forums that are concerned with how I do my job. I thought I would take the opportunity to answer all of the queries and concerns. 

Here is Helena’s post: 

“Your definition of research is not one that a serious academic would recognise.

And the idea that it takes twenty minutes to put on a corset, stays, jumps or bodies is risible.”

Actually Helena, you actually have NO idea what kind of research we have done or not done. Or apparently, what my job is.

The point of costume design for a television show or a film is not…

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