Oh Ronnie Boy

Oh Ronnie Boy

(inspired by Georgia Urban @standing_stones; tune “Londonderry Air” better known as “Danny Boy”)

Oh Ronnie Boy

The kilt you wore was lovely

And oh those boots, they made us want to moan

The targe you struck, the slides you showed

Were stunning

Oh Ronnie Boy, you’ll know we love you so

But here’s a note

When next you’re sitting on a stage

In highland garb, you must be sure to care

Never to cross your legs in front of ladies

‘Cause Ronnie Boy, we can’t help it

if we stare

Oh Ronnie Boy

I hope when next we see you

You’ll have the show wrapped up

In kilted bows

We’ll sit and watch and tweet while we are following

Our Fraser Clan as they grow on the screen

We hope you’ll keep Outlander by your bedside

For in our homes, you’ll likely find it there

We hope you’ll smile and remember that you’ve done us proud

Oh Ronnie Boy, Oh Ronnie Boy, we love you so.

Listen to me sing the song here


2 Responses to Oh Ronnie Boy

  1. Georgia Urban says:

    Amazing! I love it! I’m crying!

  2. Lynn Artz says:

    I am just in AWE!!! It is wonderful!!

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